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Way to go, you found my secret hiding space. That must mean you like me.

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About Me


Yes I’m a nerd, and not nerd chic or whatever the heck that is. I know how to turn your phone into a rocket ship. But not only that, I can make it look like the coolest phone rocket ship anyone’s ever taken to the moon. OK I’m exaggerating, but I do pride myself in knowing everything about my work. I take the time to understand the ins and outs of every strategy, design, function, and execution of a given project be it designing an ad campaign or shooting pictures of stuffed animals with my rocket phone.

For a more formal list of my experience and accomplishments please visit my LinkedIn profile.



Cinematography, Photography, Art Direction, Brand Development, Advertising, Film Production, Graphic Design, Marketing, Web Development



Tommy 2 Cent, Tommy Whispers, Tommy Tank, TC Can, Freak Bitch, Tommy Guns, Tech9, Number 13, Sweet T, The Cannon, Tommy Parkin’ Lot