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In Mixtapes

By tc_can

MIXTAPE: Electro + Alternative 2012

On 03, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Mixtapes | By tc_can

The best of 2012 mixtape series is here and just in time for…fall…of 2013. I know I’m perpetually late. Once again I finished this months ago, but got hung up on the album art work of all things. After several ideas that quickly took me into other directions creatively, it hit me. They should be satirical 90’s album covers!

Music these days feels as good to me as it did in Jr High, so why not dress it with some of that awesome tackiness that was so in back then (think No Fear and Hypercolor). Pulling inspiration from artist such as Moby, White Zombie, Alice in Chains, and of course Cash Money Millionaires I threw together some covers I think are both silly and indicative of the times, both then and now. As for the music, it’s pretty awesome, even if it’s a year old.

Check out the rest of the series and download your copy.


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