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Typography PostersBenton TypefaceLetter To MyselfShe

By tc_can

On 21, May 2012 | In | By tc_can

Typography Posters

An exercise in the form and function of typography. I tackled several poster concepts with the objective of exploring the word and its conditions. Then, I set out to break all boundaries, a surprisingly fantastic experience for a conservative guy like me.

Fish Lips SushiFish Lips FrontFish Lips BackFish Lips DetailFish Lips Sushi

By tc_can

On 21, May 2012 | In | By tc_can

Fish Lips Sushi

Re-branding of a struggling LA food truck. Their look was crowded and not particularly enticing. I took the approach that I wanted a passersby to know instantly that the truck served fresh, high-end sushi. The final design consisted of a black base with white and blue complimentary colors. Abstract shapes were used, including a “scale” texture, defining a higher class of design. An alternate all white version was also considered.

Capsule Tower Page LayoutCapsule CloseupCapsule Detail

By tc_can

On 06, Mar 2013 | In | By tc_can

Capsule Tower Page Layout

Layout of an article that discusses the architectural styling of the famous Capsule Tower in Tokyo. The layout borrows from the shapes of the structure to create a harmony with the words and images.

Movie PostersHang 'Em High

By tc_can

On 21, May 2012 | In | By tc_can

Movie Posters

Borrowing inspiration from the late great American designer & filmmaker Saul Bass I created a series of movie posters focusing on simple shapes and intersecting lines.

Hydór Mineral WaterHydor BottleHydor DetailHydor Ad

By tc_can

On 21, May 2012 | In | By tc_can

Hydór Mineral Water

Logo & packaging design for Hydór Mineral Water. Considering the origins of the meaning for water, Hydór takes the Greek name for H2O and embraces it’s essence with simple yet refined details and subtle colors. Complementing the pure simplicity of the brand, a print ad was designed to convey that at it’s core water is a source of life and drinking Hydór will help to redefine yours.